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At Healthy Kids Programs we are obsessed about child safety.


From the moment children arrive to the program, to the dismissal procedure, every minute of the program day is all about safety first. Each day we do a long list of safety procedures from a visual health check when your child arrives, to making sure all children wash their hands before snack to regularly sanitizing all surfaces children may come in contact with and much more.  


However, the most important safety procedure we have is the sign out procedure. This is to make sure that only adults approved pick up your child. We take the dismissal procedure very seriously. It starts with submitting a list of up to three adults approved to pick up your child. If an approved person is not a parent/guardian we will ask for a photo id until we get to know that pick up person. Sometimes that person will be offended because of this but this is necessary. In the event that you need someone to pick up your child from the program who is NOT on the your pick up list you must send a letter with your child to school that morning so he/she can give it to the Healthy Kids Staff Member, AND you must also call the Director or Site Supervisor of the Program to be sure they know to expect the person that evening. Finally, that person must show us their ID before we will release your child.  


The second most important safety procedure we have is our "Shelter in Place" protocol in response to an emergency situation when it is safer for your child to remain in the building rather than to evacuate. In most cases - like severe weather conditions - Shelter in Place means simply staying indoors. However, as we know from the news, there are some situations, that Shelter in Place includes additional precautions like locking all doors, closing all window shades and remaining in a room away from large windows. Situations that might require sheltering in place include:

  • Severe weather conditions

  • Extreme temperatures (hot or cold)

  • A public disturbance that escalated to violent acts

  • Chemical or biological spill

  • Rabid animal sighting

In all cases, Shelter in Place protocols work best when we regularly practice them. Consequently, all Healthy Kids Program perform Shelter in Place drills at least twice a year to ensure the children and staff’s safety. This is in addition to the Shelter in Place drills your child does during the school day.  


In the case of an actual emergency situation where a Shelter in Place is necessary, parents will be notified immediately by the site leader. 


Here at Healthy Kids we believe your child's safety is our job #1.

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