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We are licensed by New York State Office of Family Services-Information here

Keeping children safe while they are in our care is very important to us. One way to protect children is to screen the adults the children will have contact with in our programs.

Our adult to child ratio is: 1 Adult per 10 Children.


We do thorough background checks including:

  • The Online-Clearance System (OCS)- The Online-Clearance System (OCS)- is a web-based application that supports the mandate Section 424-a of the Social Services Law to inquire into the Statewide Central Register (SCR) as to the existence of any reports of child abuse or maltreatment indicated against an applicant prior to employment, certification or licensing.

  • Justice Center's Staff Exclusion List (SEL)- this SEL check identifies people who appear on the Justice Center's Staff Exclusion List. This is a list of former employees of programs serving people with special needs who have been found to have committed a serious act of abuse or neglect regarding those individuals with special needs.

  • Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) conducts a criminal history record check on all prospective employees. New employees are required to make an appointment at a local fingerprinting facility to be fingerprinted. The results of these fingerprints are sent to Healthy Kids Supervisors, stating whether Criminal Records have been found or not. These fingerprints are retained by DCJS, and we are informed of any arrests that may occur while being employed with Healthy Kids Programs. 

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