Registration Page for Wrap Around Program

Kendall Elementary School

Elba Elementary School


Step 1: Is the program location you need listed in orange above on this page? If so, please continue                   to Step 2. If not, please return to the Program Location page and click on your
             school district.
Step 2: Use the tuition calculators located below to calculate your tuition to determine the best fit                   for your budget, following Steps 2a and 2b.
              2a: If you need the morning wrap around program for your child, please calculate                                        your tuition on the  Morning Wrap Around Program Tuition Calculator below. If the                          morning program is not needed, please skip this step and go to Step 2b.

Morning Wrap Around Program Tuition Calculator

(Tuition is based on one child)

             2b: If you need the afternoon wrap around program for your child, please calculate your                              tuition on the Afternoon Wrap Around Program Tuition Calculator below.  If the after                        school program is not needed, please skip this step and go to Step 3.

Afternoon Wrap Around Program Tuition Calculator

(Tuition is based on one child)

Step 3. Once you have calculated your tuition and you find this fits into your budget, you are now                      ready to register! Please follow steps 3a-3b.
          3a. Please read The Parent Guide.
          3b. Please enter your child's/children's information on Information Form below.
Step 4.   After you submit your registration, you will receive a message that will let you know what the                   final steps are in the registration process, which includes payment information.