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Employee Testimonials

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Pamela Edmonds,
Early Learning Director

I enjoy being a part of a supportive community of professionals working to make a positive impact for children and families.


Adele Dowling,
Regional Director

 I love the versatility of my job – from working with staff, parents and school administrators and principals to visiting, interacting and socializing with the children in our programs.

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Shantelle Slaght,
Site Director

I get to be a kid again. I also love the fact that my opinion, input, and ideas really matter to the higher ups from my regional director, to the executive director, to the CEO. They make you feel like you matter. They are very supportive and offer opportunities to receive your CDA or SACC credentials or both. 

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Heather Lynn,
Registration Director

I love being apart of a team that is passionate about what they do and surrounded by people that care about the growth of each individual within the organization.

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