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Healthy Kids is proud to work hand in hand with multiple outlets that offer child care assistance and subsidies for families who need them. Learn more below. 

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, contact Taylor Mahoney our Subsidy Specialist at or 845-330-0200.


Department of Social Services Childcare Assistance

Offered through NYS, the Child Care Assistance Program helps eligible families with some or all of the cost of child care. Each Local Social Services District (LSSD) manages the CCAP with funding and support from the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS).

Income Requirements

Here are the maximum amounts a family can make and still qualify. While this information can be a helpful tool, families should submit an application to find out if they qualify. Income is only one factor to qualify for child care assistance in New York State. Other families may also qualify, based on their specific needs.


Annual Income Limit


Monthly Income Limit

How to Apply

If you would like to apply for the Child Care Assistance Program, many but not all districts accept the below application. Prior to completing this application, please contact your LSSD to ensure this application is accepted.

If you would like to apply for Child Care in Lieu of Public Assistance or for other services in addition to child care assistance such as Public Assistance, SNAP, etc., please use the mybenefits link below and contact the LSSD with any questions.

Applications may be emailed, hand delivered, faxed, or mailed it to the LSSD of the county you reside in. You can find your Local Social Services contact information, including mailing addresses here. DO NOT send the application to OCFS, it will not be processed. If you have any questions, please contact the LSSD where you live.

When the LSSD receives your application, they will request additional documentation. Please be ready to provide the district copies of your documentation, which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Proof of identification (such as, photo ID, driver’s license, US. Passport)

  • Child(rens)’s identification, age, and citizen/immigration status (such as, birth certificate, hospital records, permanent resident card)

  • Proof of residency (statement from landlord, mortgage records, current lease)

  • Income (pay stubs, letter from employer including rate of pay per hour and hours worked per week, tax records, child support, social security benefits)

  • Schedule of work, training, or educational activity (work schedule, school or training records or statement from school or training program)

For more information about the Child Care Assistance Program, and to find other useful resources, please visit the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) page on the OCFS website.

Child Care Aware

Child Care Aware® of America is proud to partner with the United States Military and Department of Defense to serve and support their families through the Fee Assistance and Respite Child Care Programs. Healthy Kids is a registered provider with Child Care Aware for a variety of our locations.


For more information on eligible programs and assistance, click here.

NEW! New York State has more $ available for families and has increased the income levels to qualify for assistance!

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Westchester Works Scholarship

For our Westchester families, this new scholarship has much higher income eligibility levels. For example, a family of two: once “over-income” for child care financial assistance at $54,930, you can now have a gross income of up to $73,240 and be eligible for the Westchester Works Child Care Scholarship Program.

Eligible Families:

  • All parents in household must live in Westchester County, be employed at least 10 hours per week, and making at least minimum wage.

  • Your total gross household annual income must be within the income eligible guidelines listed below. Your household income includes all income, such as wages/salary, child support, SSI, etc.

Family Size           Income Range

       2                     $54,931 to $73,240

       3                     $69,091 to $92,120

       4                     $83,251 to $111,000

       5                     $97,411 to $129,880


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